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to live with as many individuals as possible to the greatest extent possible, as we, each in a unique way, are predestined




the les tours des miracles project embraces no communities nor ashrams, no classes nor workshops, no gurus nor prophets, no institutions nor hierarchies, no teachings nor sacred writings, no commandments nor prohibitions, no membership fees nor merchandising... because all these things are superfluous for those who know that everything we need to live as we are predestined simply IS, has always and everywhere been and always and everywhere will be, freely and abundantly available to all who really want this

the project therefore consists exclusively of a website, based on the lives of individuals who, to a large extent, live, want to live or have lived as they are/were predestined




the website is divided into six themes, which can be found on the subpages of this site


  1. raising an awareness that our mindset can be both the greatest catalyst and the greatest saboteur in order to live to a large extent as we, each in a unique way, are predestined

  2. clarification based on frequently asked questions

  3. what to do when in doubt in general and how can radiesthesia in particular reassure us

  4. a real-time example of an individual who is on his way to living to a large extent as he was predestined

  5. a global network of individuals, who are currently living to a large extent as they are predesined

  6. a historic list of pioneers who, to a large extent, lived as they were destined

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