all of the armies that ever marched, all of the navies that ever sailed the seas, all of the legislative bodies that ever sat and all of the kings that ever reigned : all of them put together have not affected the life of man on this earth so powerfully as "the big three" : jesus, buddha and mohammed

they have shown and explained us how to live in complete harmony with ourselves and our environment

"the big three" had understood that the norms and values of society were mainly determined by the ego

the ego is a self-image, a mask, a role we play to be "socially approved"

the ego wants to maintain control and is sutainted by power, because it lives in fear

the fear, which feeds the ego, by throwing us off balance - the well-known stress - is the main reason why there is so much disharmony in this world


"the big three" had managed to completely free themselves from the ego and the accompanying stress by taking permanent refuge into the higher consciousness

the higher consciousness knows the truth, it knows what is intrinsic right and wrong

the key to living in perfect harmony with ourselves and the environment is to stay in constant contact with this higher consciousness and allow it to determine our thoughts, emotions, intentions and actions

anyone who wants this can take refuge into the higher consciousness : it is 24/7 accessible, it costs no money, you don't have to ask anyone's permission and you don't need anything or anyone for it

perhaps there is a little more harmony in the world today compared to the time of "the big three", but still the norms and values of today's society are mainly determined by the ego instead of the higher consciousness and that really is a missed opportunity