the "tours des miracles" project is convinced that the age-old dream of an earthly paradise, which mankind will manage like a good shepherd-caretaker, can easily be realized


since time immemorial people have dreamed across borders and beliefs about some paradise place, an ideal heavenly abode full of love and without suffering, where everything is in perfect harmony


throughout history there have been individuals - buddha, jesus and mohammed and many others with them - who have been filled and enthused by the thought of living here and now in an earthly paradise


they understood that


  • we have incarnated on earth as children full of pure love with the mission to generate as many actions, words and thoughts as possible, which are filled with the pure love of the source

  • as a child full of pure love we believe and imitate our fearful environment without a filter, so that we ourselves gradually end up in a state of fear-conditioning

  • this fear-conditioning is reversible and that pure love, in the deepest core of our being, is the key, which enables us as adults to free ourselves from all forms of fear in order to be born again as children full of pure love, which we had been at birth




the “tours des miracles” project aims to promote a copernican inversion, where humanity's enormous transformation potential is first and foremost used to transform ourselves into ambassadors of pure love


never before has the earth been transformed so much as by modern man and that has increased exponentially in recent decades


no other being has a similar transformation potential and nothing indicates that we have reached the limits of our potential


at the root of all these transformations are ideas that fill us and entuse us from dusk till dawn 


however, these ideas arise in our minds, which are conditioned to a greater or lesser extent by fear


now if we want to live in an earthly paradise, it is enough to simply use our transformation potential first and foremost to transform ourselves, freeing us from our fear-conditioning and thus becoming ambassadors of pure love





the “tours des miracles” project aims to enable the many individuals, who are aware of their fear conditioning and actively seeking to free themselves from this fear conditioning, to recondition themselves through the subconscious mind in an autonomous, simple and very efficient way into ambassadors of pure love


this happens through

  • an explication of how our pure love is conditioned by fear

  • a method of self-evaluation of our fear conditioning

  • a method of reconditioning our fear conditioning

  • a  blog of one of the ambassadors behind the project


the project does not claim to have the truth, nor can it as the ambassadors behind the project themselves do not yet fully live in pure love


parallel to their personal evolution, this website will also evolve further in the direction of pure love