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starting with incomprehension and later on understanding why so few people succeed in getting their souls accomplished, by analogy with buddha, jesus, mohammed and many after them, so that they can level to the next step in their evolution


from personal experience how much more positive, meaningful, colorful, blissful, varied, surprising, limitless, more fulfilling… our life becomes if we maximize the learning process of our soul






by making humanity aware of how the learning process of our soul slows down & accelerates and how we can play a (pro)active role in this ourselves





  • raising awareness through a summary how our souls become estranged from the (((universal soul)) during our lives, how this slows down the learning process of the souls and what happens to souls, whether or not fully accomplished, after we die

  • show how our souls can stay as much as possible in contact with the (((universal soul))) from conception on in order not to slow down their learning process too much

  • show how the connection between our souls and the (((universal soul))) can be restored maximally again in order to accelerate their learning process maximally

  • what we can do in case of doubt, including a (self) evaluation tool


















on the chart above, the horizontal and vertical axes represent respectively age and the extent to which

we see three curves

  • the blue curve shows to what extent the human soul is on average connected with the (((universal soul))) until our death

  • the red curve shows the average growth process of the human soul, i.e. the evolution of the extent to which the human soul is on average accomplished

  • the green curve shows how our unaccomplished souls are reconnected to the (((universal soul))) after our death

on the blue curve we see that our soul, as an infinitesimal particle of the (((universal soul))), is from our conception fully ensouled by the (((universal soul)))

if this would remain the case during our entire lifetime, the learning process of our souls would be optimal and they would be accomplished and ready to level to the next stepin their evolution after about 30 to 35 years on average

the fact that this turns out differently in practice has mainly to do with our survival instinct, which has been activated at the moment of our conception

this ensures that (mini)traumas, these are moments when the fetus and/or the mother feel threatened, are stored in the (cell) memory

by this we mean not only major traumas such as war, famine, physical violence or unwanted pregnancies, but also all (mini)traumatic experiences of the mother, which are picked up via her heartbeat by the unborn child, who no longer feels safe

they are activated by similar events in the future and thus, in a first way, alienate our souls from the (((universal soul)))

starting at our birth, an extra part of our survival instinct is activated, which means that in the future there will be an even more substantial difference between who we really are and who we originally are

on the one hand, the (mini)traumas are now extended to moments when not the individual himself feels threatened, but also when he feels his loved ones, his environment, his community… even “his” planet threatened

moreover, our survival instinct ensures that we copy everything from our environment without a filter because a rapid evolution simply guarantees a greater chance of survival

in the same way we copy the traumas of our environment and we even copy the “victors” who have caused us (mini)traumas, behaviour so that in the future we prioritize making others feel unsafe instead of feeling unsafe ourselves

these newly experienced and copied traumas, supplemented by the copying of the “victors” are in fact the collateral damage from our survival instinct, which causes our souls to move away from the (((universal souls))) quite quickly

consequently the learning process of our souls also slows down, we discover, develop and utilize less and less our immense potential and we experience more and more physical and mental suffering

this, of course, also reflects, albeit degressively, on the health, mental well-being and potential of our loved ones, our environment, our community, our planet and even the universe

on the red curve we see that the human soul on average rises quite constantly and then converges to the blue curve

in the case of a natural death this means that the human soul is on average accomplished to the same extent that it is connected with the (((universal soul)))

if at death our souls would not be fully connected to the (((universal soul))) and thus would not be fully accomplished, they are reset by the (((universal soul))) before rejoining her

on the green curve we see that it takes about 10 to 15 years on average and then the soul is ready to make a new attempt

this cycle repeats itself as much as necessary until the soul is fully accomplised and levels to the next step in its evolution

once we are aware of all this, we can each in our own way connect our souls back to the (((universal soul))), just like buddha, jesus, mohammed and many after them have done 

we should only ask this to the (((universal soul)) and trust that she will receive us with open arms, as a mother/father does on the return of a prodigal daughter/son


then we will intuitively feel how we can achieve this and then of course it is a matter of having the courage to put this into action


in this way we can speed up the learning process of our souls again, ideally until they are completed


however here the next hatch of our survival instinct pops up 


every change represents a potential danger and our survival instinct is therefore a staunch opponent of change


as creatures of habit we will therefore usually look for all kinds of excuses not to (continue to) implement these changes and so the survival instinct will sabotage the speeding up of the learning process of our souls a lot


slowing down the learning process of our souls during our youth and sabotaging the speeding up of our souls learning process during our adulthood are the two main reasons why so few adults achieve the complete enlightenment that is needed to fully accomplish the soul

on the following pages you can read how the les tours des miracles project wants to change this, namely by showing

  • how our souls can stay as much as possible connected with the (((universal soul))) from our conception and thus not slow down their learning process too much

  • how our souls can reconnect more with the (((universal soul))) and thus speed up their learning process again

  • what we can do when in doubt


once we collectively chose not to alienate our souls from the (((universal soul))), the survival instinct would disappear permanently from our genes and the words fear, anger, sadness, judgment, shame, guilt, envy, suffering… would no longer mean anything to our children


please note that the soul of this website is in degree 7 connected with the (((universal soul))) and thus certainly does not claim to have a monopoly on the truth


once the time is right, the website will be updated with versions more related to the (((universal soul)))


the next page explains how we can maximize the learning process during our childhood

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