we can evaluate independently and without the aid of a device to what extent we are conditioned by fear




on a daily basis we evaluate many things and people as "good/evil", "right/wrong" or "normal/abnormal"


we are not aware, however, that these evaluations represent not the truth but an illusion, a reflection of our fear conditioning and consequently differ from individual to individual


however, there are two known, extreme emotions, which we can consider constants


those are the emotion of fear of death, which is equivalent to complete conditioning, and the emotion of pure love, which is completely unconditioned

between these two constant emotions we can make an axis, which we subdivide into 10 units, and where the zero corresponds to fear of death and the maximum of 10 to pure love


the neutral equilibrium point 5 halfway the axis is the point where we are at complete rest


both an idea of fear and of love can motivate us to act, speak or think and so we leave this equilibrium point


we are between 0 and 5 as motivated by an idea of fear that something might happen that we do not want, such as loss of health, money, power, status, love, attention, ...


we are between 0 and 5 if we are motivated by an idea of love, such as wonder, creativity, acceptance, service, security, tenderness, playfulness, humor, tranquility, inquisitiveness, willingness to listen, learning something,  †





the measuring instrument for self-evaluation is simply formed by our own energy field, more specifically by the powerful field in our dominant hand

to start we place our (middle) finger or palm of our dominant hand halfway above the point of absolute rest of the fear-love axis, which we position vertically


then we connect with the source through the higher consciousness: this can be done very easily, by repeating this idea very focused and continuously as a mantra while we remain calm and relaxed, free from all sensory stimuli and we feel 100% safe and secure


then we ask the source "to what extent have we been of pure love on that day, month or year" while remaining in the neutral mindset of the point of absolute tranquility


then we slowly slide the (right middle) finger over the scale while still focusing on the above question and repeating it as a kind of mantra


it is important to exhale for a long time and certainly not to hold the breath, since a held breath represents stress


at some point our higher consciousness will give a physical sign : this can be at the level of the throat, but also at the elbow, the solar plexus ...


experience shows that the first evaluation go quite smoothly if the above is followed, because we have no expectations at all


our expectations can play tricks on us during the following evaluations; we can help with this by relaxing extra


given the importance of the connection to the source in order to correctly apply the methodology, an extra page with tips and exercises was created




if we measure the fear conditioning for every 3 to 5 years of our lives, we get a graph


Below is an example chart of a 45-year-old individual who, at the age of 37, has decided to recondition through the classical method of consciousness




note : the extrapolation of the last part of this graph shows that this person will need about 20 years to recondition