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just as people who want to lose weight like to rely on a scale to evaluate the situation objectively, it is also useful to be able to evaluate our transformation process towards a life in full connection with our true, authentic self


this can motivate us to start the transformation process and also allows us to monitor the transformation process itself

we can evaluate this autonomously and without the aid of a device


we take a (horizontal) axis, which we subdivide into 10 units

the zero mark of this axis corresponds to when we live completely disconnected from our true, authentic self and the maximum 10 mark corresponds to when we live fully connected to our true, authentic self

we are situated between the 0 and 2,5 mark when we are more or less dissociated from our true, authentic self

this includes all moments of mental suffering, such as the fear that something might happen that we do not want, such as the loss of health, money, power, status, love, attention, ...

we are situated between the 2,5 and 10 mark when we are more or less connected to our true, authentic self

this includes all forms of love, such as wonder, creativity, acceptance, giving service, security, tenderness, playfulness, humor, tranquility, inquisitiveness, willingness to listen, learn something,  ...

it is also important to realize that this is not a linear axis: if we are situated at the 9 mark of the axis, it does not mean that we discover, develop and utilize our potential only three times more than when we are at the 3 mark, but rather an order of magnitude of thirty, sixty or a hundredfold


​the measuring instrument for self-evaluation is formed by our own energy field

most individuals will feel this field best in their dominant hand, although some highly sensitive individuals may feel the field throughout their body

every day we evaluate many things and people as "good/bad", "right/wrong" or "normal/abnormal"

we are not aware, however, that these evaluations are determined by our conditioning of our subconscious mind and thus differ from individual to individual

to objectively measure truthfully to what extent we are or are not connected to our true, authentic self, we must effectively be maximally and unconditionally connected to our true, authentic self

as we know this connection is established through the in utero feeling 

then we ask our true, authentic selves "to what extent have we lived in connection with our true, authentic selves during a certain period of our lives" while remaining calm and relaxed, free from all sensory stimuli and feeling 100% to feel safe and secure

​then we slowly slide the (middle) finger of the dominant hand over the self-evaluation axis while always focusing on the above question and repeating it as a kind of mantra

it is important to exhale for a long time and certainly not to hold the breath, since a held breath represents stress

​at some point our true, authentic self will give a physical sign: this can be at the level of the throat, but also at the elbow, the solar plexus or even our entire body ...


our thousands of daily deeds, words and thoughts naturally represent a real range of values of connection with our true, authentic self

for the sake of clarity of the exercise, however, it is better to work with averages, which allow to monitor a general trend

as we saw on an earlier page, we can work with 3 to 5 year averages for the major part of the curve, insofar as there are only mini-traumas in that period

for the period around traumatic experiences and the dark night of the soul, it is better to work with (semi) yearly averages

during the process of living more and more connected to our true, authentic selves, it will be tempting to monitor our progress on a daily or weekly basis

wanting to constantly monitor shows a lack of trust in the process and thus we will only inspire the skeptical, little devil on our shoulder, just as we would if we were to overwhelm our subconscious mind with too many changes at once during the process

here too it is desirable to work with 3 or 6-monthly averages

once we have drawn the graph, it will be tempting to point an accusing finger at our environment and hold them responsible for the (mini)traumas of our childhood, which have caused to a great extent our conditioning

on the one hand, we must not forget that obviously they as well have been conditioned as children by their environment and in most cases they raised us with the best intentions and according to the best of their abilities

on the other hand, we also failed to recondition ourselves once we were intellectually able to do so

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