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currently the individual's soul is on average connected to the (((universal soul))) at extent 6 and the soul is about extent 4 accomplished 

sept 2022 (15 min)

aug 2022 (20 min)

july 2022 (20 min)

june 2022 (20 min)

may 2022 (25 min)

april 2022 (20 min)

march 2022 (20 min)

february 2022 (25 min)


on the graph above we see that the soul of the newborn (((baby))) is almost completely connected with the (((universal soul)))


this means that the (((fetus))) in this case has only suffered a few mini-traumas in utero


for example (((he))) felt unsafe when the mother bumped her belly against the corner of the table, when she had morning sickness, when she had an argument with her husband, when she hurried up the stairs, when she was almost late for a meeting…


its survival instinct ensures that the (((child))) learns super fast by unconditionally trusting and imitating its environment


thus (((he))) imitates without filter the thoughts, words and actions of the individuals in his environment, whose souls, as a result of the collateral damage caused by their survival instinct, are being a lot less connected to the (((universal soul)))


moreover (((he))) feels unsafe with dominant adults and under peer pressure

in order to avoid conflict (((he))) will thus adjust his behavior if these dominant persons forbid him something for example


in this way he ensures that (((he))) feels safe, secure and loved again


this dominance, even though it has the noble intention of protecting him from possible harm, will always cause  to further alienate his soulf from the (((universal soul)))


for example the (((individual))) will adapt his behavior preventively if a similar situation threatens to occur in the future


moreover, his survival instinct will convince him that in the future it is better to adopt a dominant position rather than be dominated


gradually the above things grow into beliefs and habits, which are included in the automatic pilot of his subconscious and which will determine his life, without him being aware of it


in the example above we see that the curve goes down steeply between 9 and 14 years and that the transition from (((individual))) to individual, i.e. the 7 mark on the axis, occurs at about age 12


at school he was bullied by some fellow students because of his rabbit teeth and freckles and the fact that they thought that he was some of the teachers' pet 


moreover he was on a totally different wavelength with some dominant teachers, whose souls were quite alineated from the (((universal soul)))) 


if he solved a math problem, according to his own method, he got a zero out of ten, since he had not used the teacher's method


if he had written his homework with a left italic slope, his homework would be torn up over and over, until he submitted it with a right italic slope


originally his soul remained faithful to a great extent to the (((universal soul))) and in this way the incidents became a conflict with the teachers


so one day he came home with a bad report: he was only 13th in the class, where he normally belonged to the 3 best students


for his parents this was a serious threat to his future and so they forced him to do his best and above all to listen to the teachers, otherwise it would affect his free time, his pocket money…


although this obligation had the most noble intention of preserving his future, it was the trigger of a traumatizing experience, in which his survival instinct manifested itself in various ways


on the one hand he had again learned that sometimes it was better to deny his intuition and thus the (((universal soul))) in order to feel safe


furthermore, this incident had linked his self-esteem to an achievement, a grade: this generated a fear of failure and also a performance stress, because imagine what could happen if he ever became 14th in the class


furthermore, this had shown that it was normal to react negatively when an expectation was not fulfilled


finally he had also learned that sometimes it was better to dominate others than to be dominated when he felt unsafe


over the next few years more mini-traumas follow until he hits a plateau at the age of 18


this means that he enters a routine life, a point of equilibrium where his survival instinct feels comfortable and has gone into sleep mode, as it were


up to this point we can say that his environment, albeit unconsciously, is responsible for the fact that his soul is less connected to the (((universal soul))) and that the learning process is slowed down as a result


as we have seen before, the values of both the red and blue curve would have been significantly higher if this individual had grown up in a (((community)))


as an adult, however, the responsibility now lies with himself, as he can decide for himself whether and when he wants his soul to return (((home))) to the (((universal soul))) and that certainly does not appear to be the case for the next 20 years, on the contrary


at the age of 22 we see the school fatigue, which causes a nod downwards and the “liberating force” of a first work experience, which generates a nod upwards


his work causes a lot of stress and a series of mini-traumas up to the age of 30


then there is a conflict with his new boss, who had conspired behind his back with his colleagues for a dismissal that had felt like betrayal


at that moment his soul is still in degree 3, just above the neutral point, connected with the (((universal soul)))


after that the curve goes up significantly, because he feels more secure in a new relationship and the security of a new, own home


then follows a second series of mainly work-related mini-traumas for a new downward spiral, which escalates again at the age of 40 in a direct conflict with his new boss


now his soul is on average on the antipode of the (((universal soul))) and this manifests itself in both physically (sinusitis, eczema, sensitive bowels, poor quality of sleep) and mentally (worrying, worrying, fear of failure, low self-esteem, urge to perform, stress, frustration with unrealized expectations, fear of death, fear of commitment…) suffering


the individual also reacts very frustrated to his environment : his parents do not understand him, his boss is incompetent, his partner gives him too little attention, a colleague gets the promotion he thinks he deserves, ...


in short : he lives in the illusion that he is mister perfect and he fights for it so that the rest of the world would adapt to him to end his suffering

where at birth the world was perceived as one big playground, in which he could romp to his heart's content, he now sees himself as a victim on the battlefield of that same world, where he has to fight to survive

at that time, society sees him as a successful individual, with a big house, a luxury car, an intelligent, sociable, beautiful girlfriend and many invitations to parties…

notwithstanding he has achieved all that he has fought for all these years, he does not feel comfortable in his own skin, as his soul is highly estranged from the (((universal soul)))

one day he is under enormous stress and his mother says, with tears in her eyes, that she hardly recognizes him anymore


she wonders what happened to that super easy-going, always happy kid from back in the days


at that moment he realizes that there is something fundamentally wrong and he wants to find out what


it is interesting to note that during this period the blue curve is below the red curve


nearing despair, he decides in a split second to take a sabbatical to do self-observation, reflection and analysis


this turning point is also called the dark night of the soul


during this period of self-reflection he bumps into a quote from gandhi , which resonates with him


“our real power lies not in our ability to change the world, but in our ability to reinvent and recreate ourselves”

after 20 years he has come to realize that he is solely responsible for his own soul salvation and he decides that the time has come to invent and recreate himself, to be born again spiritually… but he has no idea how

in the first years, he does this through trial and error picking the lowest hanging fruits : he adjusts some of his leisure activities and diet, but remains unchanged to the outside world

later he changes, albeit to a lesser extent, his professional and social life

ass a consequence he leads a double life, an uncomfortable spread between his free time, in which the soul is connected to a greater extent with the (((universal soul))), and his social and professional life, in which the soul is connected to a lesser extent with the (((universal soul)))


at the age of 43 his soul has again the same connection with the (((universal soul))) that he had as a young adult, but the double life is gradually becoming untenable

then he realizes that he cannot continue to serve two masters and so he decides resolutely to end his double life


he commits to transform himself all the way and thus to reconnect his soul maximally and unconditionally with the (((universal soul))) so that the learning process of his soul will be boosted maximally


hence he is guided more and more by his intuition, which is inspired by the (((universal soul))), instead of by his survival instinct, which is controled by his subconscious mind


intuitively he begins to change one thing after another in his life : his routine, his clothes, his food, his hobbies, his place of residence, his pets, his circle of friends, his car ... nothing has remained the same compared to 5 years ago and this process is still ongoing at present 


had he known beforehand how radical this makeover would be, he probably would never have started it


but oh how glad he is that he did not know beforehand what awaited him, because the life he has now is much more positive , more meaningful, more colorful, more blissful, more varied, more surprising, more limitless and more satisfying


little by little the golden age returns full of love, admiration, wonder, joy, carelessness and spontaneity, which he had known as a (((child)))


step by step fear and worries have become strangers to him, he knows less but feels more, has less possessions, but feels like a king

gradually both his physical and mental suffering disappear like snow in the sun


he has now accepted everything that frustrated him and that he used to condemn and every form of suffering he encounters, fills him with compassion

recently the (((universal soul))) has become his full time employer and that is by far the best employer anyone could wish for

he has become one of the driving forces of the les tours des miracles project 


today he is seen by mainstream society as a loser, a failure


he doesn't have a paying job, he wears the same dirty, ripped clothes every day, shaves and showers once a week, lives & sleeps in a 15 year old car, has very limited social contacts, no party invitations, no social media...


when in doubt, he looks at both the red and blue curve above and realizes over and over again that he has only accomplished a fraction of his soul's potential and that the best is yet to come


he does not know how his path will look like, when and in what form things will manifest themselves, because he has left the driver's seat to the (((universal soul)))


but he knows, he fééls, that once his soul is fully accomplished his life will become a succession of things far beyond his intellect and imagination and which he would not even believe possible at the moment


by that time the tour des miracles will have become a (((true))) tour des miracles

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