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on the graph above we see as an example to what extent an individual lives as he is predestined

a detailed explanation of the events that cause the curve to flatten and then go down to its lowest point of the dark night of the soul at about 40 years can be found at the bottom of the page

the first part of the individual search between the ages of 40 and 45 can be found in the middle of the page

the part starting at the age of 45, when the individual joined the tours des miracles project, is the subject of the blog just below

the individual has set himself the goal of living to extent 7 as he is predestined so, if the current trend of the curve will be continued, he will reach that point in a few years


measured over a period of one month, the individual is currently living to extent 4 to 5 as he is predestined to, although obviously there are also days of extent 2 and 3 and very occasionally one of extent 6 😊

the documents since end 2022 until now (march 2024) are being translated

sept 2022 (15 min)

aug 2022 (20 min)

july 2022 (20 min)

june 2022 (20 min)

may 2022 (25 min)

april 2022 (20 min)

march 2022 (20 min)

february 2022 (25 min)


during the first years he tries to change in a fairly accessible way through trial and error by adjusting his leisure activities and diet, but his facade to the outside world rest unchanged


later he changes, albeit to a lesser extent, his professional and social life


thus he leads a double life, an uncomfortable split between his spare time, in which he lives to a greater extent, as he is predestined, and his social and professional life, in which he lives to a lesser extent, as he is predestined

at the age of 43, the spread position is gradually becoming untenable


then he realizes that he cannot continue to serve two masters and so he decides to end his double life decisively

he commits himself to a total makeover in order to live to a large extent, as he is predestined


he is increasingly guided by his intuition, which is nurtured by the universal intelligence, instead of by his survival instinct, which is controlled by his subconscious

intuitively he starts to change one thing after another in his life: his routine, his clothes, his diet, his hobbies, his place of residence, his pets, his circle of friends, his car... nothing has remained the same compared to 5 years ago and this change process has never stopped since 


had he known in advance how radical this makeover would be, he might never have started it, but how happy he is that he did not know in advance what awaited him, sincethe life he now has is much more positive, more meaningful, more colorful, more blissful, more varied, more surprising, more limitless and more satisfying

little by little, a time full of love, admiration, wonder, joy, carefreeness and spontaneity, that he had known as an innocent child, has come back

his fears and worries become more and more alien to him, he knows less but feels more, has less possessions, but yet feels like a king

gradually, both his physical and mental suffering disappear


he now accepts everything that has previously condemned and frustrated him and he is more and more filled with compassion


recently the universe has become his full-time employer and that is the best employer anyone could wish for

he has become one of the driving forces of the les tours des miracles project


today he is seen by mainstream society as a loser, a failure


he has no paying job, he wears the same dirty, torn clothes every day, shaves and showers once a week, lives & sleeps in a 15 year old car, has very limited social contacts, no invitations to parties, no social media...


in moments of doubt, he looks at the curve at the top of the page and becomes aware that he has only realized a fraction of its potential and that the best is yet to come

since he has left the control of the driver's seat to the universe he has absolutely no idea how his path will unfold, when and in what form anything will manifest, but that doesn't really bother him since reality always surpasses his imagination 

he knows, he feels, that life will become a series of wonderful events which he would not even think possible at this moment, once he will be living to a large extent as he is predestined


then the tour of miracles will have become a "true" tour of miracles


until graduation at the age of 23, the curve is rising, but not as strong as in optimal circumstances


this is due to all kinds of (mini) traumas that the individual has suffered during the first years of life


for example, the individual was bullied at school, had to deal with dominant adults, had a fear of failure, etc.


once he starts working at the age of 23, the stress factor hits and the curve starts to decline

he is extremely focused on career, social status, possessions... and there are the many frustrations with partner, parents, colleagues...

at the age of 30 the curve rises slightly again, as he is in an uplifting relationship, but this is short-lived


the curve then drops again until it reaches its low point, also known as the dark night of the soul, shortly before the 40th birthday

at that moment, society sees him as a successful businessman with an impressive house, a luxury car, an intelligent and handsome girlfriend, many invitations to parties... but he still doesn't feel good about himself


one day he is suffering from enormous stress and his mother says, with tears in her eyes, that she hardly recognizes him anymore


she wonders what has happened to that super easy-goiing, always happy child he has been


at that moment he realizes that something is fundamentally wrong and he wants to find out what

he decides to change his life, but has no idea how and where to start

in despair he decides in a split second to take a sabbatical to do self-observation, reflection and analysis


this turning point is also called the dark night of the soul

during this period of self-reflection he comes across a quote from Gandhi that resonates with him


“our real power lies not in our ability to change the world, but in our ability to reinvent and recreate ourselves”


after 20 years of adulthood he has come to the realization that he is solely responsible for the way he is living and he decides that the time has come to re-invent and re-build himself, to be spiritually reborn... but he has no idea how

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