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there is no (((community))), whose soul is completely connected to the (((universal soul))) and so growing up in a (((community))) is not enough to make our souls fully accomplished


the learning process of the soul should therefore be maximized in an additional way so that our souls could come (((home))) to the (((universal soul))) again


it goes without saying that (((she))) will welcome her prodigal daughters/sons with open arms


the graph above simulates the objective of the les tours des miracles project, in which a child grows up in a (((community))), whose soul is connected to the (((universal soul))) in degree 7 and that at an age of 20 has consciously decided to let its soul come (((home))) to the (((universal soul))) again

also in this case we see that the soul becomes fully accomplished before the age of the average life expectancy is reached, hence there is no green curve 


then the question naturally arises how the soul can return (((home))) to the (((universal soul))) again


it would be arrogance to think we know better how to get back home to the (((universal soul))) than the (((universal soul))) itself


it suffices simply to ask her with all our heart, all our soul, all our mind and all our strength at a time, with a frequency and in a way that makes us feel comfortable, just like a child, who has a letter to santa claus or like we have learned to pray

we repeat the same message as much as we see fit, then we let go of everything and render full control to the (((universal soul))) in full confidence that we will receive what we have asked for

the (((universal soul))) will then inspire us through our intuition how our souls can learn the lessons they need once they are ready

gradually we will get ideas through our intuition how to adjust our daily routine so that we become a transmitter/channel/instrument/ambassador of the (((universal soul))) again

examples of this intuitive ideas could be

  • physical: more sports & games, healthier food, more sleep and rest, more relaxation, spend more time in the vast untouched nature, live more according to the rhythm of nature

  • spiritual : praying, keeping a diary, being able to give way to past traumas, meditation, mindfulness, learning/exploring something new, reading, writing, fasting, learning to say "no", removing needs/addictions, renunciation of possession

  • physical & spiritual: doing things you liked as a child, being creative, yoga, focusing on the senses while walking, eating, listening to music,... , go on a journey

  • relational : wanting to spend more time with (((soulful))) people in general and (((children)))) in particular, volunteering, meeting new people


as mentioned before, our survival instinct is not really a fan of changes, as every change carries a potential danger


if we are guided by our intuition, which is led by the (((universal soul))), instead of by our survival instinct, which is led by the autopilot of our subconscious, there will undoubtedly be moments of doubt

on the next page we will find how we can deal with this

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