the measurement results thus obtained provide us with a lot of useful information

the averages help to monitor our starting position and our evolution

it is important not to judge our starting position but to see it as a result of the conditioning of our subconscious mind

logically the question arises why the source allows our exposure to such quantities of fear 

the answer is very simple


on the one hand the contrast between fear and love deepens the experiences of unconditional love


on the other hand we have been given by the source the ability to end all forms of fear ourselves
it is also interesting to monitor the evolution of our conditioning year after year 


we will see that this is almost non-existent during our first years of life and mainly takes place between our 5th and 20th year of life  

furthermore it also makes sense to monitor moments from our past when we were effectively a source of unconditional love  

these memories will support the subconscious mind in the reconditioning and their importance cannot be overemphasized  

many childhood memories will qualify as moments of pure love 

the memories as adults will be less numerous but no less interesting as we have experienced them much more consciously

in this way we can very easily recall our feeling and our mindset at that moment

during each of this adulthood moments we feel like a small child in a cocoon where we feel safe, blessed, blissful, amazed, peaceful, safe, cherished, healed, accepted ...

moreover these emotions envelop us like the steam of a hot shower

at those moments we no longer have a sense of time and space and often they take place in a natural setting drenched with (sun)light, music and humor