at present humanity is on average still quite far on the left side of the fear-love axis although it must be said that in recent centuries we have moved significantly into the direction of love

at the time of "the big three" humanity were almost exclusively surviving and situated between points 1 and 2 on the fear-love axis

since 1900 humanity has largely been situated just below point 3

picasso already understood : if you can imagine something, it exists

many things, which jules verne described 150 years ago, seemed science fiction at the time but have now become reality, just as teleportation and the replicator from star trek will one day become reality

worldwide all creation stories speak of a paradise on earth

​​one day humanity will make worldwide and collectively the transition from fear to love and occupy a position right of the equilibrium point 5 on the fear-love axis

when this will be the case humanity will use its enormous potential more efficently and manage the earth as a good shepherds, as janitors of the earthly paradise, just as "the big three" had foretold  

that may seem like a distant future, but if you realize on the one hand that humanity has made the transition from point 1 to point 3 in a millennium and if you, on the other hand, consider the speed of the awakening of humanity in general, and youth in particular, during the last decades, one cannot help but conclude that this future is far less distant than some would have us believe, especially if methods are presented that accelerate the liberation from fear significantly 

as mentioned before the project "les tours des miracles" is convinced that the subconscious mind and faith are the key accelerators