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just as a (well calibrated) scale helps to remove our doubts during a slimming process, it is also useful to measure by ourselves to what extent our soul is connected to the (((universal soul))) and to what extent it is accomplished


for this we take an axis, which we divide evenly from 0 to 10


as for the blue curve, the point 10 corresponds to when our soul is completely connected to the (((universal soul))) and the point 0 corresponds to when our soul is completely estranged from the (((universal soul)))

as for the red curve, the point 10 corresponds to when our soul is fully accomplished and the point 0 to the start of the soul's learning process

notice that this is a logarithmic axis

if we are at point 6 of the axis, it does not mean that we are connected or accomplished twice as much as we are at point 3, but rather a thousand times


the value obtained is also not a value judgment about our souls, but rather determines their remaining potential

so it is certainly not the case that the souls that are higher on the axis are the "favourites" of the (((universal soul)))

the ((( universal soul))) is… (((she))) is always, everywhere, for everything and everyone, unconditional in the broadest sense of the word

(((she))) let each soul find its own path, in its own way, at its own rhythm, when it is ready

for the sake of completeness we also note that for the blue curve the point 2.5 is the equilibrium point and forms the end point of the upward "constructive" vortex and the starting point of the downward "destructive" vortex

the downward “negative” vortex represents body, impure, survival, sickening, destruction, dark, contraction and all forms of suffering such as shame, guilt, apathy, anger, sorrow, craving, pride…


the upward “positive” vortex represents soul, purity, immortality, healing, creation, light, expansion and all forms of happiness such as peace, joy, peace of mind, love, logic, acceptance, willingness…


through radiesthesia we can easily determine to what extent our soul is connected with the (((universal soul))) or to what extent our soul is fully accomplished

there are no "right" or "wrong" measuring methods, everyone should feel for themselves which method works best for him/her

in any case, our energy field in general and our body in particular is the measuring instrument

a pragmatic way is to draw the axis over the entire width of an A4 sheet and lay that sheet horizontally

to measure correctly, it is important that we are in the neutral mindset in a comfortable setting, otherwise we will unconsciously influence our results

we then briefly leave this mindset to ask to what extent our soul has lived during a period connected to the (((universal soul))) if we want to determine the blue curve and to what extent our soul is accomplished at a certain age as we want to determine the red curve


of course we can also use one of the many other names of the (((universal soul))) here, the most important thing is that we feel comfortable with the name we choose

then we move our hand gently over the axis


​at some point our body will give a physical sign : this can be at the level of the throat, but also at the elbow , the solar plexus or even our entire body ...


some people imagine the axis closing their eyes and are able to measure without moving their hand, some feel more comfortable with a pendulum…


it is recommended to measure the first values at conception and birth


after that we can determine a value for the large part of the curve every 3 years


for the period around traumatic experiences and the bottom of the curve, which also includes the dark night of the soul, it is better to work with (semi)annual values

the more we are connected to the (((universal soul))), the more we will see our soul as part of a greater whole and then it can make sense to screen the soul of groups, societies, regions, countries, continents and even to screen the soul of humanity


for example, if we screen the continents, we will see that the (human) soul of europe is the least connected with the (((universal soul))) and the soul of (west)africa the most

it is probably no coincidence that 1/3 of the population is younger than 10 years there




we are our best therapist and our biggest saboteur at the same time

it is important to realize that our subconscious mind is in a dominant position and will resist the change, especially at the beginning of the transformation process


our autopilot of our subconscious mind longs for the safety of the familiar, known and so will do everything possible to stay in the comfort zone of our routine, especially if we were to overwhelm ourselves with too much change


that will then take the form of the skeptical devil on our shoulder, which whispers to us that we will never succeed, that it is too ambitious, that it is too complicated, that we are not ready yet, that it is wasted effort, that you detect no changes, that your environment will turn its back on you, that others seem to evolve much faster than you, that you are a born loser ...

really all excuses are good to stay with or return to the familiar, the known …


​there is nothing or nobody that can sabotage us more and more efficiently than this skeptical devil, which we unconsciously create ourselves in our head

our conditioning consists of countless different mini-conditionings, from which we have to free ourselves, and unfortunately there is no quick fix method or magic potion that reconnects us instantly with the (((universal soul)))


so there is no reason to panic if we do not see any results in the first few days, or worse, if we think we are seeing a decline


if we are realistic we can assume that after a month surely some new habits will have entered the autopilot of the subconscious mind of our new self


compare it with someone who is not aware that he is getting 30 grams lighter every day to determine after a year that he has effectively lost ten kilograms


we will gradually look at events more as an observer, where they used to trigger reactions in us

we will also gradually respond with love to persons, things and situations that caused suffering in the past


we will respond with tolerance, acceptance and compassion instead of rejection and condemnation, with generosity instead of greed, with love instead of hate, with forgiveness instead of resentment, with giving instead of jealousy...


our connection with the (((universal soul))) will ensure that our immune system functions optimally, we will have fewer physical discomforts and we will discover, develop and utilize our maximum potential

our needs will also be reduced to our real basic needs and that too will substantially reduce our suffering


all of the above prove that the transformation process is underway

there is no one size fits all : every path is unique, everyone is ready at a different moment for the next step, everyone is also connected in a unique way from the (((universal soul))) and every accomplished soul materialises itself in its own, unique way


it is not so that every fully accomplished soul becomes a clone of buddha, jesus, mohammed ... 😊

on the next page is a blog & biography, illustrating in more detail such a unique spiritual path

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