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without a doubt there will be many moments during the long growth process when doubt will strike


this frequently happens as a result of (extreme) moments of stress


the little voice in our head will try to convince us that we will never succeed, that it is not worth the effort, that life used to be much easier and better, that others are evolving faster than we are, that we are not yet ready for it, that our environment will turn their backs on us, that we are born losers


obviously our environment will not understand our sudden urge to change and will encourage us to get back to “normal”


during these moments of stress, it is useful to ask the universe for extra support since it is very reassuring to feel protected by a larger whole surrounding us



it may be surprising but it is not a bad thing that our body is under adrenaline for 90 seconds (this is the normal duration of a stress cycle) and then calms down again, because these moments are very nice learning moments


what is pointless is that we continue to feed these stress cycles and the associated neural networks by replaying the same stress situations in our heads over and over again

since our brain does not know the difference between reality and our imagination, replaying the same stress situations causes exactly the same reaction and therefore pointless suffering


in case the doubt is more fundamental, it is useful to measure to what extent we live as we are predestined over a longer period of time since this will allow us to see a clear positive trend


we can easily measure this on a scale of 0 to 10 via radiesthesia


there are no “right” or “wrong” measuring methods, everyone should feel for themselves which method works best for her/him

in any case our energy field in general and our body in particular are the measuring instruments


in order to measure correctly it is important that we have a neutral mindset and a comfortable setting, otherwise the results will be unconsciously influenced


we can pragmatically draw a 0 to 10 scale across the entire width of an A4 sheet and place that sheet horizontally


then we ask ourselves the question to what extent, for example, during the last month we have lived as we were predestined and we move our hand over the scale


at some point our body will give a physical sign: this could be at the height of the throat, but also the elbow, the solar plexus or even our entire body...


some people imagine the axis while closing their eyes and are able to measure without moving their hand, some feel more comfortable with a pendulum...


if desired, the curve of our entire life can also be drawn in this way as shown on the example page

just as the mona lisa is hideous when we look at the painting with a microscope, it is important that we look at the positive trend of the whole curve and not focus on points of stagnation or even decline in the curve

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