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our mindset is both our greatest catalyst and our greatest saboteur if we want to live as we are predestined


our mindset is a catalyst when we frequently, enthusiastically, ask humbly for, focus on and believe in living as we are predestined


we can do this in the way and at the times of our choice following our intuition, for example through yoga, journaling, prayer, meditation, mindfulness, spending time in nature, hypnosis...


a very efficient way is also to record this request and play it on loop during our sleep

thus a new and strong neural network is formed, which will do everything that is needed to realize this life

we average about 60,000 thoughts per day and needless to say, that currently most likely none of these thoughts involve enthusiastically focusing on, asking for, and believing in living as we are predestined


numerous other matters, not least increasing our social status and our property, usually have a higher priority and that's where the shoe pinches the first time


if we are aware of this and we decide to use our mindset more and more as a catalyst, then the shoe pinches a second time


our survival instinct makes us afraid to change

well-known, predictable things mean a very low risk and therefore a higher chance of survival

therefore, we feel safe in the comfort zone of routine and thus every change represents a potential threat

hence fear of change is ingrained in our DNA

and IF we want to change, we certainly want to maintain control during the change, because an uncontrolled change means a double risk...

fear of change in combination with the fact that change is abstract causes a double-dip slow down effect

finally, the universe knows time nor space

problem and solution, the question and the requested, therefore exist at the same time and that is also difficult to comprehend for our analytical brain

so if we truly believe that we will live as we are predestined, it is important to ask the question with a feeling of gratitude and grace, just as if at exactly the same time of asking we had already received what was asked for

at the beginning of the process our analytical brain will of course sabotage this, but gradually, when we are ready, this will work out better and better

ultimately, it is 100% our choice which mindset we want to tune into, so whether we will ever live the way we were meant to live depends only and for the full 100% on ourselves 

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