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as we have seen before, the degree to which a child's soul remains connected to the (((universal soul))) will depend mainly on the degree to which the soul of the environment in which it grows up is connected to the (((universal soul)))

the soul of a child, who grows up in a community, which is largely connected with the (((universal soul))), will thus remain largely intact

the graph above simulates an ideal world, in which a child grows up in a community, whose soul is completely connected to the (((universal soul)))

in this case, the child's soul will remain fully connected to the (((universal soul))) throughout life, as we see on the blue curve

on the red curve we see that in this case the soul of the child goes through a very fast learning process and is accomplished at the age of 30 to 35 years, just like this happened to buddha, jesus, mohammed and many after them

of course in this case the soul is immediately reintegrated by the (((universal soul))) after death and is ready to level to the next step in its evolution

this is why there is no green curve on this graph

it is on this principle of a (((soulful))) community upon which the education of the dalai Lama has been based for centuries


such (((souful))) communities form a very protective cocoon for the children, full of unconditional love, where they both figuratively and literally live in a different world than the classical mainstream society

by this choice, their souls will remain largely connected to the (((universal soul))) and as adults they only need to make minimal corrections to their conditioning to discover, develop and utilize their maximum potential, as we will discuss on the next page

this is the most beautiful gift we can give to themselves and indirectly to the universe

the les tours des miracles project wants to create a network of such (((soulful))) communities, who are connected to the (((universal soul))) at least to a degree 7 and where children and adults in general and future parents in particular can stay sedentary or as a (semi) nomad if they want to accelerate the learning process of their soul in a sustainable way


then of course the question arises whether such (((communities))) exist and where we can find them

these (((communities))) do exist, although both the number of (((communities))) and the number of members per (((community))) have decreased over time

they can be found 

  • amongst indigenous peoples such as the nomads, berbers, indians, eskimos , aboriginals ...

  • amongst spiritual groups such as in monasteries and hermitages

  • in regions with a population pyramid with an exceptionally broad base, such as in west, central and east africa for example  

they are groups of up to 250 intra-connected individuals, who live as a single entity with one supersoul and who discover and develop their talents/interests to put them unconditionally at the service of the community in the form of nutrition, care, education, sports & games, music , creativity, relaxation, humor…


they are free instead of attached, there are no laws/boundaries/restrictions, there is harmony between humans, animals and nature and apart from a few personal belongings everything is in common

fear, anger, sadness, aversion, conflict, hunger, cancers, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, insomnia, depression, acne and obesity are unknown to them

they have no “system” for religion, law enforcement, solidarity, economy, environment, education…, because there is simply no need for it


their collective priority is to ensure that the soul of the community will be accompished as much as possible by

being/remaining connected to the (((universal soul)))

the only “rule” that these (((communities))) know is that an individual, who compromises the integrity of the soul of the community, is expelled from the (((community)))


often these communities are considered "primitive" as they make less use of technology than the classical mainstream society, but as far as "soulfulness" is concerned, they are much more advanced and an inspiration to all humanity

the les tours des miracles project is actively looking for (((communities))), where individuals can stay either as a visitor or as a resident


through the description of the (((community))), its environment and its climate, individuals can define a personalized tours des miracles between (((communities))) of their choice

thus these (((communities))) will grow again and in a sustainable, organic way, both in number of (((communities))) and in number of members per (((community)))

at the moment the offer is limited to one (((community))) in south west france

click on detail on the map below to view the ((((community))) description 

extra input here is always welcome

on the next page it is explained how we can as adults maximize the learning process of our souls

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