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once we are aware of our conditioning we can either consciously choose to uncondition ourselves during our lifetime or else the source will reset the conditioning of our sould after we die before we rejoin her


the choice to free ourselves from individual suffering and physical discomfort and to discover, develop and utilize our potential to the fullest is thus made primarily to give ourselves a wonderful gift and not to obey or please the source of all life



the womb is a place where we feel calm, safe and secure and that is no coincidence 

this in utero feeling is the unique key that allows us to connect with our true, authentic self ​and it will play a central role during the whole unconditioning process

our conditioning makes ​we quit frequently this in utero feeling as we shift towards our survival mode

these moments of suffering will be the inspiration for our unconditioning process as we will see below

however, it is important not to stay in this survival mode for too long and to feel calm, safe and secure again

this can be done in the following ways

the easiest way is to give unconditional love to ourselves, because this love is synonymous with maximum connection with our true, authentic self

furthermore, this can be done by indicating our limits, by saying "no" without any form of judgment but with compassion to people, environments and events that we are not comfortable with

finally, we can use the same techniques that help us focus on the here and now, such as the 4-7-8 belly breathing exercises, meditation, yoga, mindfulness, tai-chi, focusing on the senses while walking, eating , listening to music, ...


as already mentioned, humans are creatures of habit and we routinely live on the autopilot of our subconscious mind up to 95% of our time


as seen on the previous page, our routines and therefore our comfort zone are shaped and influenced by events from our past


we regard everything that feels familiar as “good”, without consciously asking ourselves at the time whether this is actually good for us


so if we want to live more in connection with our true, authentic self, it is necessary to screen our patterns and observe objectively when we are not living in connection with our true, authentic self


through our in utero feeling we can look at ourselves as a neutral, objective spectator

this self-observation and self-analysis allows us to become aware of our suffering

this suffering will be used as input in our future selve journals, as we will see below



during 5% of our time we make conscious choices through our attention muscle, which ensures our focus in the here and now

where our subconscious mainly lives in the past and determines 95% of our daily life, it is our focus and concentration in the here and now, with which we can consciously choose in the remaining 5% of our time how our future version of ourselves will look like

by training our attention muscle daily, we can recondition the subconscious more efficiently through our focus and concentration

the 4-7-8 bely breathing exercises, meditation, yoga, mindfulness, tai-chi, focusing on the senses while walking, eating, listening to music… are all techniques that help us train our focus




our brain makes no distinction between reality and our imagination and we will gratefully make use of that in our future self journals


as input for our journal we can take all forms of mental suffering and physical discomfort


they are the keys to our reconditioning : as they are the results of our (mini)traumas, they are the guides, showing us how we can grow closer to our true, authentic self again


so we intuitively take one of the forms of mental suffering or physical discomfort and make it the subject of our daily intention to change


we also make a daily mini-promise to ourselves to put our intention to live more in connection with our true, authentic self into action


it is important that we can keep this daily promise and therefore it is better to start the change process very easily and unambitiously with one small intention and only switch to the next intention once this first intention is locked in our autopilot


this of course does not mean that we cannot create a waiting list with the following topics for the journal


a time and a setting , where, just like in a womb, we feel maximally safe, calm and secure and self-analysis, which results daily in intentions and actions, together with an unshakable faith, a continuous commitment and an angelic patience form the essence of the process

for most of us, just after waking up or just before going to sleep will be the ideal time

the ideal setting can take many forms, but absence of sensory stimuli, with the exception of background music, is conducive to most individuals  


it is also best to have a template on which the first part of the sentences is already filled in, which we can then spontaneously supplement daily with the inspiration of the moment


could be an example of this

  • today I practice to… (here we describe our alternative to the physical or mental suffering we wish to change)

  • today I discover/develop/use (choose what fits) my potential further by

  • I am grateful for… (here we focus on positive things that already exist; this helps to blend imagination and reality)

  • today I practice by… (here we describe our new behavior)

  • today I practice because… (here we describe our motivation)


these sentences can be preceded by a mantra, which summarizes the why, how and what of the transformation process


here an exemple how this mantra could look like


today again I am going through life healthier and with less suffering and I am discovering, developing and using my potential more and more

today again I am partially reborn so that I am more connected with my true, authentic self and my environment again

today again I analyze myself and use my suffering as input for my daily intention and action to break my conditioning and that by

  • training my focus, awareness, my in utero feeling or my connection with myself and my environment

  • continuing to discover/develop and utilize my potential  

any form of unconditional love can be used as intention and action for our jounal

here are some examples regarding

  • training focus and awareness through keeping a journal, prayer, meditation, fasting, concentration games (sudoku, chess, rumik cube, crosswords...), exploring, admiring, 4-7-8 belly breathing exercises, yoga, mindfulness, tai-chi, focusing on the senses while walking, eating, listening to music...

  • training the in utero feeling through meditation, rest, relaxation, living according to the rhythm of nature, compassionately saying "no", removing needs/addictions, fasting, relinquishing possessions

  • training the connection with ourselves and our environment through building relationships, forgiving, laughing, eating pure, being grateful, being tolerant, giving, spending time in the wide, untouched nature, willingness to listen 

  • discovering and developing our potential through learning something new, reading, being creative, sports and games

  • exploiting our potential through giving service, of course without wanting anything in return 

keeping the journal is an intuitive exercise, there is no right or wrong so there is no point in forcing the answers…


if possible we also visualize the things we describe, because this also helps to blend imagination and reality


thus the subconscious mind will offer less resistance if we actually put our intention into practice later in the day

it is also very useful to debrief our journal just before going to sleep in a kind of ceremony, where we go over our daily successes 




we are at the same time our best therapist and our greatest saboteur 

it is important to realize that our subconscious mind is in a dominant position and will resist the change, especially at the beginning of the transformation process

the autopilot of our subconscious mind longs for the safety of the familiar, so will do everything possible to stay in the comfort zone of our routine, especially if we were to overwhelm ourselves with too much change at once


that will then take the form of the skeptical, little devil on our shoulder, which whispers to us that we will never succeed, that it is too ambitious, that we are not ready yet, that it is wasted effort, that you do not notice any changes, that your environment will turn its back on you, that others evolve faster than you, ...

really all excuses are good to stay with or return to the familiar routine

there is nothing or nobody that can sabotage us more and more efficiently than this skeptical little devil, which we unconsciously create ourselves in our head

it is therefore also important to consistently fulfill our daily promise to ourselves and consciously put our intention into action


this is how we rebuild our self-confidence (literally: the confidence of ourselves) after all those years, in which we have not listened and/or acted according to our true, authentic self and we thus gave the skeptical, little devil on our shoulder a reason to exist

once our subconscious mind believes in and longs for a life in which we live fully in connection with our true, authentic self and our environment, this will be incorporated into our subconscious's autopilot and the subconscious will operate 24 hours a day, day by day, in every way, do everything in your power to make this a reality



our conditioning consists of countless different mini-conditionings, from which we have to free ourselves, and unfortunately there is no quick fix method to reprogram our brain


our first physical birth is a process of many months, where the physical connection of the umbilical cord is crucial

likewise, our second, mental rebirth is a process of many months, in which our maximum and unconditional mental connection to our true, authentic selves plays a crucial role

our rebirth is incidentally a discontinuous process and so there is no reason to panic if we do not see any results for the first few days, or worse: if we think noticing a decline


if we are realistic, we can assume that after a month surely some of the new habits will have entered the autopilot of the subconscious mind of our new self and the best news is that we have consciously chosen these new habits ourselves


compare it with someone who is not aware that he is getting 30 grams lighter every day to determine after a month that he has effectively lost one kilogram


the more we connect with our true, authentic selves, the faster the reconditioning process will progress and the more we will respond with love to people, things and situations that caused suffering in the past


we will respond with tolerance, acceptance and compassion instead of rejection and condemnation, with generosity instead of greed, with love instead of hate, with forgiveness instead of resentment, with giving instead of jealousy...


we will be grateful for our suffering, because we no longer see it as something to fight against, but as a guide towards a true, authentic connection with ourselves and our environment

our in utero feeling will also be more and more present and ensure that we discover, develop and use our potential to the maximum 

finally our needs will be reduced to our real basic needs and that too will substantially reduce our suffering



our conditioning determines how we see the world 

at birth we see the world as a great playground and as we become conditioned we see that same world more and more as a battlefield 

this confirms that our conditioning makes us live in the illusion of suffering

if we ask three witnesses to the same accident to objectively report the facts, we would get three different perceptions

these  ​three different perceptions can't possibly all hold a monopoly on the truth and can therefore be called anything but objective

we sometimes say that the truth lies in the middle, but that too is an illusion

only the compromise between different opinions lies in the middle

the truth only emerges when we are maximally and unconditionally connected to our true, authentic self




a very straightforward and efficient way to reconnect with our true, authentic selves and our environment is to join communities of individuals, who live in complete harmony with their true, authentic selves and their environment as described on a further page

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