perhaps it is useful to first briefly consider how fear is introduced into our lives


this allows us to understand why our lives as (young) adults are determined so much by fear, even though our first years of life are almost exclusively filled with the pure love of the source


our pure, childlike love makes us trust and imitate our environment unconditionally as children


in this way we imitate without a filter the thoughts, words and actions of our environment, which are still often based on fear


moreover, as children, we adapt our behavior to a dominant adult to avoid conflict


this dominance, even though it has the noble intention of protecting us from possible harm, has invariably been triggered by some form of fear


in this way we will be triggered by the same fear in the future and preventively adapt our behavior to that same fear


gradually both things grow into beliefs and habits that are absorbed into our subconscious and that determine our life, without us being aware of it


thus we are conditioned to a greater or lesser extent by fear and we slowly but surely forget the fact that as children we have been an infinite source of pure love


although as adults we filter the information from our environment, of course this does not mean that the conditioning of the subconscious completely stops once we have grown up


a daily example of this we find in audiovisual advertising, which tries to influence us through the conditioning of our subconscious, so that we adapt our buying behavior


here are some techniques, which are also used by advertising, to condition the subconscious mind


while we are in a completely relaxed state, a new and better reality is suggested in a short and simple way, an ideal dream world, which we can also be a part of if we adjust our buying behavior


by a famous person, an expert or a customer satisfaction survey they try to remove our doubts and increase the credibility of this idea


the same idea is also repeated as much as possible