from the moment we reached a 3-month average above 5 point, we have become an ambassador of pure love


this does not require a dignitary who comes to pin us a ribbon, since this is an award that we can give ourselves because we are figuratively entering a new world


as ambassadors of pure love, we will react more and more with pure love to fear from our environment


we will also feel less of a need to transform our environment


gradually we will notice that the "classic" environment will no longer understand us, will no longer recognize us, will no longer support us, will try to convince us to return to "normal", ie socially acceptable, or will even mock, deny or condemn


the story with the last hours of jesus are a very nice illustration of this


his mindset of pure love can be inferred from the way he reacts to all forms of fear from the environment


a « light » version of all this awaits the ambassadors of pure love


if eventually 1/3 of humanity will be ambassadors of pure love, the rest will follow very soon


at that point, it won't be long before the dream of an earthly paradise, which mankind will manage like a good shepherd-caretaker, will be realized